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One of the nicest areas of Sanur is its coastline which is flanked by a paved walkway that wraps around the edge of the sea and is the ideal spot to go for an afternoon walk.

Families flock here as it is easy to walk along the beachfront path even if you have young children in a stroller, or you can rent your own set of wheels and cycle along, taking in the pretty view along the way.

Things to look out for include the traditional boats that bob on the water, and the promenade is dotted with cafes and restaurants where you can stop for refreshments if the walk or ride gets a little tiring.

The Blanjong Pillar is probably the top ‘attraction’ in Sanur and is famous for being the oldest historical artefact in Bali. Dating from 914 AD, the pillar is basically a stone inscription which was fashioned at the time of the first king of Bali, Sri Kesari Waemadewa. The pillar is an enigmatic attraction and it has not been translated as the text is in ancient Sanskrit and Balinese.

You will find it in a sleepy side street off Jalan Danau Poso, so walk along the road until you are in front of Pura Belanjong and take the alleyway on the left to get to the stone.

With the rising rainfall, you might not be diving or surfing in Bali in October, but there are still some Bali beaches that stand out. The Sanur Beach is one of them, far away from the crowded Kuta beach. You might still be able to enjoy the beautiful sunset here on days that are clear, and the offshore reefing is certainly a major attraction. Whether you are seeking a peaceful refuge or a hint of the local culture, this is one of the best places to visit in Bali in October. It is famous for the Annual Bali Kites Festival which usually takes place in the month of July or August. The major tourist attraction of this place is Le Mayeur Museum.

Museum Le Mayeur is one of the quirkiest attractions in Sanur and is a museum which sits on the site of the former home of a Belgian expatriate named Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres.

Le Mayeur lived in Bali until 1958 and you can explore his former house which showcases his collections, and much of the art on show is made up of paintings of his wife who a Balinese dancer was named Ni Wayan Polok Tjoeglik. After Le Mayeur died the house was transformed into a museum and it is still very much as it would have been when he was in situ.

You can also walk around the Balinese compound that encircles the home and take in the scenery and beautiful light that would have inspired many of the artist’s creations.

Pasar Sindu Night Market is one of the focal points of Sanur in the evening and is a top spot if you fancy some late night shopping and snacking.

The market is more of a static market than a rotating one like many other night markets in Southeast Asia, but you will find a good selection of items for sale including a huge variety of delicious local street food.

The night market is on Jalan Pasar Sindu and usually gets going as night falls over sleepy Sanur.


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